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Hartswater Northern Caper
South Africa

Frequently Asked Question!

Our Farm is always open during working hours from Monday to Friday. For disease control purposes, all visitors must book an appointment before visiting the farm to ensure safety.

For all first orders, we always advise our clients to visit us in person, so that they can be very specific of what the want, see and inspect their product in person. Notwithstanding for international clients who might not be in the position to travel, we do consider sending them samples, and if they are fully satisfied then we can go bulk.

This varies greatly with the time of order and location of the customer. Orders that came in before Friday for local order leave same day and they can receive their orders next day depending of the courier service of their preference.

In most cases contractual terms are discussed based on the order quantity.  For small domestic orders the buyer is always expect to pay for their full order. For large orders depending on the clients profile, in most cases, usual international Trade Terms are applicable.

With years of experience and a more qualified staff, we always take precaution, to ensure safe delivery. Not withstanding many other factors beyond our control could affect the state of anything that is being shipped for this reason all our packages are duly insured and guarantee Total Refund in case anything goes wrong, though such circumstances are rare.

The respect of contractual agreements are one of the fundamental principles that has contributed to the fast growth of our farm. Based on the product, we always take into consideration all our existing contracts before entering into any new agreements. Still we have a great storage facility and can ensure or stock is available for our clients at all times.